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13th-Apr-2014 03:21 pm - Occasional issues accessing my sites
avengers - natasha
I've noticed in the past few days that at times all domains appear incredibly slow to load (although they do load eventually). I've contacted Dreamhost support, until then please hang on and be patient.
lotr - home (merry/pippin)
Monika of say-hi.org has adopted my beloved fanlisting for Bag End, Bilbo & Frodo's home. You can now find it at its new home, where it will be properly taken care of.

(Btw, ALL my fanlistings are up for adoption, as I'm simply not looking after them the way they deserve.)
29th-Sep-2013 02:09 pm - Fanfiction archive: New URL
fairy tat

For some unknown reason, and despite the heroic efforts of the talented Eledhwenlin, the front of this archive has been mostly inaccessible in the past couple of months.

Therefore I finally caved and re-created the whole set-up in a new location, and that does seem to have done the trick. There's an automatic redirect set up, so you shouldn't even notice it, but the new url of this archive is:


Mirrored from Pr0n and Chocolate.

fairy tat
I have no why, but my webhost reported seriously high memory being used a while back, and I have not yet found the cause. Anyway, this seems to lead to my fanfiction archive being down on and off. I apologize.

You can always find all my fic on AO3 and Dreamwidth, the former much better organized and searchable than the latter.
1st-Mar-2013 06:51 pm - Shirasade.Net: new layout
fairy tat
When I was home sick recently I was in the mood to play around with a typography layout using Google Fonts and CSS, and have now uploaded it to Shirasade.Net.
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