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Shirasade network

Shirasade Network
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This is the updates community for the shirasade.net network, which consists of all domains and websites hosted by shirasade. All posts are syndicated to the main pages of every domain, but this journal also functions as independent status information when the domains are down for some reason.

The Network:
shirasade.netMulti-faceted Abnormal InForeignParts.net Fandomish.net Monaboyd.net

Note to my hostees:

Everyone with a site hosted on one of my domains is very welcome to join and post about any updates and changes to their sites. If you do, please make sure to post the domain you're hosted on in the subject line and provide a link to your site somewhere in the post (using target="_blank"> to open it in a new window). Thanks!

Note to everyone:

If you need hosting, please check the info on shirasade.net. Naturally everybody is most welcome to friend this journal if you'd like to keep up to date on any changes/updates to my sites. But I've got a request: Should there be a problem with a site or domain but no post about it, chances are that I'm not yet aware of the issue. In that case, please let me know using my LiveJournal email, which should always work: shirasade {AT} livejournal.com. Thank you!

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All donations will go exclusively to my webhosting bill. You can also make a payment via PayPal - my email address is webmistress {AT} shirasade.net.