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18th-May-2009 08:25 pm - ficsbymegyal on fandomish.net
hibiscus (in the sun)

Just wanted to give a quick hello and tell you about my website on fandomish.net: ficsbymegyal.fandomish.net. For now, it's just a start, and I'm glad for the support from shirasade; see you guys around!
GK - Devine Me
Billyness has undergone some changes in the last week, including a new look and two new authors with five new fics! Yay! Hope you guys like the new look and everything.

Here are the new updates: (just copied and pasted directly from the updates section, if you would like to read the new fics, please visit Billyness)

    December 19th, 2004
  • Only six more days until Christmas! Eeeeeeeeee! And here is an early gift for all the Billy lovers out there: New author! Welcome to Thiala!

    • Abagail & Billy: Leavin'
    • Abagail & Billy: You Say It Best

  • Also, thanks to Thiala, Billyness now has a grand total of 75 fics archived! Wheeee! Only 25 more to go to reach the 100 mark! lol

    December 16th, 2004
  • The title for Joey's Untitled fic has been changed to "You Shouldn't Kiss Me" (sorry about that Joey!)

    December 15th, 2004
  • Been a while ... but I'm back with a new look for Billyness and three new fics by a new author to Billynes, the loverly Joey! Welcome to Billyness!
  • I know not everyone likes Ali, but I do, and I just love the pic. It's romantic and subtle and sweet. Just like Billy. :) I hope you guys like the new look even if you don't like Ali.
  • Here are the three new fics by Joey:

    • Everytime
    • Pretend To Be Nice
    • Untitled

hanson - everything in life I learned fr

Total revamp. I even got rid of a bunch of pics for Shirasade, because I figured that way everyone else on the server wouldn't feel the squeeze so much. And if I was going to revamp, I might as well move the pics else where. Tomorrow I'm going to revamp the writting portion of the site, so the rest of the pics will be gone then... -kwen

11th-Sep-2004 04:24 pm - just-in-dreams update
audrey (curtaindress)
Added one new story to Sandcastles. (Harry Potter/Ron Weasley/Elijah Wood, fps/rps crossover)
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